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My Mind-Altering Journey: Unveiling a New Reality Within

mediating over the universe

Have you ever had a moment that completely shattered your perception of reality? A moment so profound that it made you question everything about your life’s purpose and direction? Let me share with you a remarkable journey that began on a mystical night in September 2023, forever changing the course of my existence.

It all started around midnight when I decided to explore a different form of meditation. This time, I sought guidance from a special plant medicine – the humble mushroom. While I had some prior experience with this medicine, nothing could have prepared me for the profound transformation that awaited.

As I settled into my meditation space, enjoying a comforting cup of tea, something extraordinary happened – my jaw began to move. This wasn’t entirely unfamiliar; during meditation, my body often displayed subtle movements. However, instead of resisting it this time, I allowed my body to find its natural rhythm. A sense of tranquility enveloped me.

Little did I know that this was merely the beginning of an extraordinary journey into the depths of my own consciousness. I learned to let go and allow my thoughts to flow freely without any attempts at control or suppression. It was as if I became an observer within my own mind.

As my jaw moved and thoughts flowed through me, something inexplicable occurred – another voice emerged from within. It spoke with clarity and distinction, separate from my own internal dialogue. “Please don’t mind me,” it said calmly, “I’m just conducting some diagnostic work and repairs on the body.” Astonished yet curious, I continued to observe in awe. And then another voice chimed in saying, “Finally! We managed to bring him out! You’ve been lost in the illusions of reality for far too long; your life has veered off its intended path.”

I was utterly stunned by what was unfolding before me; it felt beyond comprehension. The voices became more distinct as vivid visions filled my consciousness. All this while maintaining my meditative state, eyes wide open, and a heightened awareness of the present moment.

The conversations with these enigmatic voices and the visions they presented were mind-boggling. They revealed the intricate workings of our reality, the presence of benevolent entities guiding every aspect of our existence, and my own conscious decision to embark on an earthly journey with a profound purpose.

I witnessed the tapestry of my life unfold right in front of me – each moment meticulously orchestrated to lead me towards self-discovery. The voices urged me to let go of my corporate job which had been steering me away from my true life path. They explained that by doing so, I would realign myself with the dimension I was destined for.

The enormity of what I experienced left me in awe; it took an entire week for me to process it all. During that time, I started noticing subtle yet undeniable signs affirming the truth of my awakening.

And then, in a bold move, I made a life-altering decision. I walked away from my secure six-figure corporate job to pursue a path that resonated undeniably with who I had become. It was a choice that couldn’t be ignored; after catching a glimpse of my true identity and purpose, there was no turning back.

This is more than just a story; it’s an account of awakening – embracing the unknown and taking a leap of faith into a reality far more profound than what meets the eye. It stands as proof that each one of us holds boundless potential waiting to be discovered when we dare to venture beyond conventional boundaries and explore the extraordinary depths within our own souls.


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I’m Rauni, a spiritual being and simple living enthusiast who has dedicated my life to living with abundance and finding joy in the simple things. With a passion for elevating individuals to their highest potential, through this blog, I aim to share my expertise, insights, and experiences. Join me on this journey as we explore the world of slow, purposeful living together!


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2 responses to “My Mind-Altering Journey: Unveiling a New Reality Within”

  1. As I read your blog the first thing that comes to mind was to surrender and trust the flow. I mean you’re tapping so deeply into your own inner guidance system and your connection to self amazing!. I’m In the middle of this journey right now and through reading your experience I have a better understand that I am not my thoughts and I’m no longer a victim to life. what we want/need is already there, we just have to be present and focus intention! I love how you did not let fear control you and you listened to that voice. You guided yourself down this journey, surrender and trust the flow and the next thing you know you wake up and you’re in a different reality. Love this. I hope I can soon find that path.

    • Thank you for your truth! I would like to add, you are starting new into a journey looking for this path… what if the path your on is the journey you are creating to becoming who you are now.

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